with Nina Fowkes and Chessy Tudor-Williams
24th - 27th May 2021 - 3 nights
£995pp single accommodation / £795pp for 2 friends sharing)

Prepare for the Summer by joining us on a 3 night UK retreat offering the opportunity to revitalize, de-stress and de-toxify your body and mind as we emerge from the long Winter of lock down.

This Ayurveda inspired, bespoke detox focuses on cleansing the body in order to boost the immune system, calm the mind, increase energy levels and promote digestive health.


Expect to leave feeling completely restored and empowered to maintain your lifestyle adjustments to honour your healthiest and happiest you. 

This is an exclusive and highly personalised retreat led by experienced therapists, in very spacious, luxury, accommodation for a small group of guests. All rooms have their own bathrooms. 

The retreat includes, guidance in juicing for yourself, diet overhaul and a detox goody pack to support you in cleansing after you get home, whenever you feel the need.  You will have plenty of time too for swimming or relaxing by the large indoor heated pool, taking a sauna, soaking up some sunshine or having a quiet walk by the river. 

‘Nina and Chessy were incredible hosts, extremely kind and generous & I felt truly nurtured and looked after’.

  • 3 nights luxury en suite accommodation

  • Pre and post retreat consultation

  • Introduction to Ayurveda workshop

  • Natural skin care workshop

  • Personalised detox plan

  • Detox goody pack

  • Massage treatment

  • Daily Yoga & pranayama

  • Detox supplements

  • Juices / broths 

  • Light meals on arrival / departure days

Arrival Time 4pm on 24th May 

Departure 11 am 27th May


Please contact us by email or by calling Nina on 01903 892459


We start the day with some gentle ayurvedic cleansing practices followed by yoga and breath work (suitable for all levels).  As the day unfolds we encourage our body to cleanse using the gifts of mother nature. These include freshly made raw organic juices (personalised for your dosha) cleansing drinks, warming broths and herbal supplements to support the bodies' journey.

There will be time for plenty of R&R in the beautiful spa area (heated pool and sauna), attend a workshop, take a walk in nature or simply get cosy by the fire with a good book. 

The day will conclude with a warming broth followed by meditation, restorative yoga or a therapeutic sound bath.


Each day we will be honouring the elements and dedicating the yoga to a particular dosha (Ayurvedic system for determining your unique constitution). By gaining an understanding of each dosha in this way, through a thought provoking practice you will gain valuable and useful insights into self care and a deeper understanding of both yourself and your loved ones.   Each carefully prepared session will include asana, pranayama, visualisations and meditation to support the cleansing process, increase the digestive fire and facilitate a deeper level of rejuvenation. Props such as bolsters, blocks and belts will be used (and provided for you) when needed, along with soothing massage and aromatherapy to allow the body and mind to release and let go.  The morning and/or evening sessions will be about an hour in length and will be suitable for everyone, even if you are very new to yoga.


"I am honoured to be able to help clients find their sacred balance in body, mind and spirit and to assist them in their journey to discovering just how amazing their bodies really are."

Chessy's warmth comes from her divine nature, as well as her genuine and in depth understanding and compassion for her clients body and mind. With over 20 years experience and qualifications in reflexology, therapeutic oil massage and Thai massage, as well as being a certified yoga teacher, Chessy can help you to listen and connect with your body in a variety of ways.


Chessy is head of therapies at The Yoga Garden and senior principal tutor on the Thai Massage Training course. She has been working privately and on various detox retreats supporting clients through her hands on healing and bodywork. 


On this retreat Chessy will be working closely with guests providing therapeutic bodywork, and personalised yoga and meditation practices.  


Holistic health, yoga and massage have been Nina’s passion for the past 30 years.  She has lived, studied and practiced throughout Europe, The Far East and USA before settling in the UK where she founded the Yoga Garden in 2008.  Her classes and treatments are grounded in the belief that all we need exists right here in the moment, nature being our greatest teacher.

Over the years she has been working with clients on a one to one basis and in small groups to support them through detox and weight loss programmes based on ayurvedic principals. 


On this retreat Nina will be working alongside Chessy guiding you through deeply restorative yoga and meditation, blissful healing massage treatments and structuring personalised detox plans to help bring your body back into balance. 


Brooklands is a beautiful restored 19th century Sussex barn, converted into a fabulous retreat centre just outside the historic town of Arundel.  Facilities include an indoor heated pool, sauna, 2 beautiful yoga studios with under floor heating, 2 treatment rooms, courtyard gardens and 2 acres of private land.   The barn is full of character with many cosy seating areas where you can curl up with a book by the fire or soak up the sun on a warmer day.   There are 8 double en suite bedrooms with stunning views of the Arun Valley. 


£250 deposit secures your place.  The balance is due 3 weeks before arrival. 

Email Nina for more information or to find out if this retreat is suitable for your needs


В каком городе вы работаете?

Мы работаем по всей России уже 5 лет. У нас большой опыт работы на удаленной основе, а также с выездами в разные города страны. В каждом городе у нас есть свои бригады рабочих.

Где мне взять потом мебель и материалы, используемые в проекте?

Мы используем для проекта мебель и материалы из магазинов Вашего города. В конце проекта Вы получаете полный перечень всего, что использовано в проекте, с указанием магазина, артикула товара, количеста и цены. Весь проект выполняется по Вашему бюджету, так что Вы не столкнетесь с тем, что Вам не хватает денег на диван.

Как происходят обмеры помещения?

Если проект ведется на удаленной основе, то мы даем понятную инструкцию по самостоятельным обмерам или вызываем специалиста, который произведет обмеры. Если Вы заказали проект с нашими выездами, то мы сами произведем обмеры.

Заключается ли договор?

Конечно! Договор заключается и на удаленный дизайн-проект и на проект с выездами. Ознакомиться с договором можно тут: договор на оказание услуг по дизайну интерьеров

Какие сроки выполнения дизайн-проекта?

Точный срок расчитывается индивидуально, исходя из площади помещения и объема работ. В среднем полный проект квартиры 50 кв м длится месяц.

Можно ли заказать ремонт под ключ?

Конечно, можно заказать просто ремонт под ключ, а можно заказать ремонт под ключ с меблировкой и декорированием! Это означает, что Вы отдаете нам ключи, занимаетесь своими делами, а мы реализуем абсолютно все за вас! Вы заезжаете в полностью готовую квартиру с дизайнерским ремонтом и можете сразу выпить чай с конфеткой!

А что, если мне не понравится проект?

Это исключено, потому что мы узнаем обо всех Ваших предпочтениях, соблюдаем все Ваши требования, продумываем все до мелочей и даже если с первого раза не удастся полностью Вам угодить, то у нас включены корректировки, при помощи которых мы доведем результат до идеала.

Если при реализации у меня возникнут вопросы, я смогу их задать дизайнеру?

Да, мы всегда остаемся с Вами на связи! Вы сможете консультироваться с нами по любым вопросам на постоянной основе. Нам звонят даже спустя 3 года после проекта и задают возникающие вопросы.


Nina and Chessy were incredible hosts, extremely kind and generous & I felt truly nurtured and looked after.

Joanna B

The Yoga Garden, Swallows Lane, Dial Post, Horsham, West Sussex RH13 8NN

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